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Web Maintenance 101

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Web Maintenance 101

If you’ve finally built and published your website, congratulations! Although it feels fantastic to have a website to share your business with the world, it’s important to not just post it and ghost it!

After you’ve launched your website, regular web maintenance is necessary in order to keep your website working to the best of its abilities.

No one wants to wait on a services page to load just to see how you can help them. Keeping your website up to date will keep it running smoothly and ensure that your potential customers have the most up-to-date information about your business.

Most importantly, you want to keep your website secure! Updating your website regularly will keep it safe from security breaches, protecting the information of your customers and your business.

What you need

Just like a car, your site needs regular web maintenance to make sure it’s running optimally. Some regular maintenance items you’ll want to include in your routine include:

  1. Regular backups: Having a backup of your website will ensure that you have a version of your website you can restore in the case that you accidentally delete something while making an edit, a plugin damages your website, or in the case that you get hacked.
  2. Updates to software and plugins: This will improve your website’s speed and security to make sure there are limited vulnerabilities on your site to avoid getting hacked.
  3. Checks for broken forms and links: Regularly check if the links and the forms are working to ensure your visitors have a seamless experience on your website. If you run an e-commerce site, buy something from yourself every few months to ensure that your shop is working correctly.
  4. Content updates: If you are regularly uploading blogs to your website to increase traffic, make sure you’re posting new content regularly or updating blogs that are performing well.

For a more in-depth look at the update actions recommended you do for web maintenance 101, download your ULTIMATE WEB MAINTENANCE CHECKLIST below.

How often

There is really not one simple answer to this question because it is dependent on the tasks your website requires, but monthly updates are typically the standard.

If you don’t already have automatic backups set up, these should be performed more often than once a month, whereas updating your blog or running a security check only needs to happen around once a month. My Go with Flo – Website Audit Checklist Freebie includes a guide to how often each update action should be performed. 

If you’re looking for extra help with web maintenance, I offer web maintenance packages and am here to help you!

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