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Does running a business often feel like your business is running you?

Let’s all agree that being an entrepreneur should be simpler, lighter, and less stressful. 


Does running a business often feel like your business is running you?

Let’s all agree that being an entrepreneur should be simpler, lighter, and less stressful. 


But you can call me Tara or Flo, for short.

I’m a seasoned web designer and course creation expert, and my heart beats for all things TECH. (I know, I know … it’s not everyone’s idea of fun!)

Here’s what makes me want to cry into my coffee: when I see clients on the brink of burnout, struggling to do and learn ALL the things in their business. 

Because if I was a betting woman

I’d wager you didn’t sign up for entrepreneurship to: 

Instead, you picture a seamless, smooth-running business that lets you do what you love most
– and skip the rest.

Your tech systems are all organized
and your sales feel effortless.

These aren’t pipe dreams, friend.

You deserve to have the time, space, and freedom to get back to crushing your CEO goals and enjoying life outside your office. 

That’s where I can help. 

For over 10 years, I’ve provided passionate business owners with creative tech solutions to save time, increase revenue, and elevate efficiency without subscribing to the hustle culture. 

Whether you’re looking for a beautiful, money-making website, you need help setting up and launching your new course, or you have a punch list of smaller tech tasks you desperately want off your plate, I’m your girl! 


My path to entrepreneurship

I founded Go With Flo in 2017 after realizing there was a glass ceiling in retail, and I was already hitting it. 

The growth opportunity that came with running my own business was too good for me to pass up. I’m the kinda girl who sees an opening and pushes her way through it. Tech came easy for me, but I saw that wasn’t the case for most entrepreneurs. The anxiety about tech is real and I wanted to be the one who calmed it.

Of course, I already had a lot going on.

In my typical multi-passionate ADHD fashion, I was simultaneously growing my business while growing a passion for floral design. My hobby landed me in a flower arrangement studio, Love in Bloom, working for a talented, female-owned wedding designer. It was another avenue for my creativity to flow and allowed me to experience the joy of flowers. 

Now I wake up every morning feeling excited about the adventures waiting for me and truly grateful for the life I’m living. 

I get to collaborate with awesome, driven humans and support them in making big, bold moves in their business. What could be better than that? 

When it comes to tech,

I have no fear.

(I can’t say the same thing about spiders, though.)

It’s okay if you don’t love change or you inwardly cringe every time a new tech platform is introduced. “Oh great,” you probably think to yourself. “One more thing I need to learn!” 

Good news: You don’t

I’ll do the learning and implementing for you.  

My dog-with-a-bone determination to tackle any problem, learn new technology, and conquer challenging platforms gives me life. It’s also how I stand heads above the rest. My philosophy is there are no problems that can’t be solved and where there’s a will, there’s a way. So if you’re worried no one will possibly want to take on your tech stress … I’ve got you! 

Client Love

Digital Authority

1 experience

I have over 10 years of web design experience and over 20 years of sales experience

2 conversion

I’ve audited multi-million-dollar businesses and implemented changes that doubled their conversion in 8 weeks.  

3 Support

I’ve supported, managed, and grown multiple 7-figure businesses and supported their launches on compressed timelines. 

4 Creating SOlutions

I operated Shopify store #39 for 6 years, and Shopify’s shipping team studied the shipping flow I created. Twice. 

5 Speaking

I spoke at Shopify’s HQ in Ottawa as a merchant to their entire shipping team of 70+ people and at Algonquin College about entrepreneurship. 

8 random things

you may not know about me:

  1. I love gardening and can spend all day in my cut-flower garden. 
  2. I’m passionate about anything wedding-related and worked as a wedding florist for 4 years while building my business.
  3. I was late diagnosed with ADHD in 2022, and I love working with neurodivergent entrepreneurs.  
  4. I’m obsessed with my dogs and spending time with my husband (aka, my BFF). 
  5. Before starting Go with Flo, I worked as a spa manager, and even studied Culinary Management at Algonquin College. (Did I mention I’m multi-passionate???)
  6. I drink Dr. Pepper like it’s water. (Seriously. Don’t even try to offer me another pop.) 
  7. I’m a caregiver to a disabled parent and am learning a lot about the world of accessibility.
  8. I am gene-positive for Huntington’s Disease, which means I will develop the disease at some point in my lifetime. A percentage of GWF’s 2024 sales is being directed to Huntington’s Society of Canada.


Meet My Team


Administrative & Operations

Rachel is a virtual assistant who specializes in all things administration. By providing business owners, entrepreneurs, and creatives with assistance and solutions to those tedious tasks and pressure points, she’s the ideal right-hand person to support our clients! 

With over 8 years of administration experience, you can count on Rachel to bring organization, efficiency and innovation to our clients while providing A+ customer service. When she’s not hustling behind the scenes for the team and our clients at Go with Flo, she enjoys reading and sharing funny gifs to brighten your day!

Rachel Donaldson | Administrative & Creative Team Member

Will we be a good fit?


I’ve got a feeling we’ll go great together, just like chips & guac, PB & J, or any other amazing food combo. (Clearly, I’ve got snacks on the brain!)

Let’s test out my theory by hopping on a quick call and discussing your next big web design, course creation, or tech systems project.